That seems like a pretty great benefit to me, but your employers rules may vary. Are you going to take advantage of this strategy? Also, there are limits on a second i401k. I thought you could only do the conversion once per year? Yes! If so, was the deadline 4/15? This is a big deal for people who can make in-service distributions (i.e. Your 401(k) contribution is usually only in the form of a deduction from your paycheck, so I do not see how you could hope to fund your 401(k) with more than your income. I’m not aware of any limits on how many conversions you can make, though your specific plan’s Summary Plan Document (SPD) might have restrictions. I don't hear about new ideas very often, but here is one that a few people might find very useful. Prorated they say. But then you’d have the problem I mentioned previously where you’d have money in a Trad-IRA. If I wish to do a mega-backdoor Roth, I could theoretically front load the $37k with 401(a) money and (again theoretically) hit the 415(c) limit early in the year. Sidebar: if I go over the 52k, my employer refunds the overage as income…not sure in which tax year though. A suggestion for the blog. This is a great way to boost the roth ira balance. However, instead of an employee, you are now the owner and responsible for the match and any profit-sharing contributions due to your employees. Any amounts you may have in other Traditional IRAs, pre-tax amounts in other subaccounts of the 401(k), or any other 401(k) accounts, simply don’t enter the calculation. If the plan is written properly, you do not, and in fact cannot, withdraw the tax-deferred employee contribution. In 2013 when I changed companies and rolled the account over, Vanguard knew exactly how to handle everything. I was under the impression that they did not. Although regular backdoor roth is a good idea regardless. Same reasons a non-deductible IRA isn’t usually worth doing unless you’re doing a backdoor Roth IRA. What that means is that if you are covered under two employer sponsored 401(k) plans In total you cannot defer more than an aggregate of $54000 between both plans. I call it the “Mega Backdoor Roth IRA.”  There are several variations. We might also consider not using terminology like “loophole” and “backdoor” as it implies we’re up to no good. As Employer he can contribute 20% of 40,000K – right? We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. MF, you never cease to amaze me with how well you find and explain strategies to minimize tax burdens and how to execute a strong plan for financial independence. All employees have this option. Thanks so much for the feedback! In 2013 when I switched companies, I rolled the 401(k) into an IRA and Roth IRA. While she might not be able to do a backdoor Roth, you still might be able to. You should read the comment thread started by 1dirtypanda. Since a solo 401k is technically a different plan (not just a different account). I guess the next step is to read the fine print on the 401k documentation while keeping the fingers crossed. The fees were low and their website actually discussed the Mega Backdoor Roth IRA in detail. You can do a Roth employee contribution into a solo 401(k) (but not if you use your employee contribution at your main job’s 401(k)). The reason I’m concerned is that in the MBR strategy, we create a Traditional IRA to hold the pre-tax portion of our in-service 401k distributions. Now I have a small 1099 side gig and want to create an i401k. I guess the best we can do via TSP is to max out the tax deferred contribution, then rollover to a traditional IRA upon retirement, and slowly convert over to a roth ira depending on our income and tax bracket at that time. The first account can be rolled over into a traditional IRA without tax implications. Will the Optimized Guinea Pig be able to do this? 3. If so, worth doing? I wouldn’t do it though – instead just add the Roth feature to the 401k plan, and you are good to go. Contribute your $52K to a  SEP-IRA like usual. I usually recommend that a self-employed physician use an Individual 401K instead of a SEP-IRA. Possibly, ideal time/month of the year to put the funds? I was trying to front load my contributions for the year and hit the 401(k) deduction limit by mid year. $15,900 is the employee portion and 233% (max allowed) of that or $37,100 is employer contribution for a $53,000 total. I used this method on accident in 2012. See point #2. When you take a distribution from an after-tax 401k account, the portion representing contributions is “after-tax” and the portion representing gains is “pretax,” so you can apply this guidance in the context of a rollover of funds from an after-tax 401k account to allocate the amounts accordingly between a Roth IRA and a traditional IRA. This is a great deal for someone who has limited tax-protected (and asset-protected) accounts but would like to save more for retirement. If your plan allows it, don’t expect your typical customer service rep at your 401k administrator to know anything about it. Then, wait till the end of December and rollover into Roth IRA and pay minimal tax on the conversion. The target for the rollover is a Traditional Ira. A very high-income physician who expects to still be well into the top bracket in retirement (i.e. If I continue to max out a traditional IRA for the tax benefits now and funnel excess into after tax 401K (pre-tax maxed of course) I can then, since my plan administered by Vanguard permits, complete in service withdrawals and roll directly into the Roth IRA also with them? Hi – I am little confused by this article too. Given my low income (60,000$) per annum, whats the optimal order of investment. Could be a good way to crowd-source additional information generated from your post via the comments section. From what I’ve read elsewhere, if you have after-tax gains in your current 401k, they can be rolled into your traditional IRA. Does this also apply to the 401(k) -> Roth IRA conversion? So when you do the conversion, there is nothing to pro-rate since it is all after-tax. Income limits don’t apply. Now If I decide to do a 25K rollover on 01/01/2019 from my 401K: Thanks jexy. I wonder if I should take advantage of this strategy or if the inability for in-service rollovers would result in 1) too much tax on the growth as income at withdrawal and/or 2) too much risk that the Roth rollover would no longer be an option in 5-7 years. Ex. The problem is that in my plan I have a pre-tax 401K (Traditional 401K) and then the after-tax voluntary option. We weren’t able to take advantage of the mega back door roth, although we did have $72,000 of tax deferred/HSA space that knocked our federal tax liability to almost zero on our $150k combined incomes. It’s still an interesting thought experiment for how much one can tweak the rules. My MBR strategy seems to be in jeopardy. # 1 are you doing Roth 401(k) or tax-deferred 401(k) contributions. Would the after-tax to roth conversion within the 401(k) be subject to any tax because of the pro-rate rule? Some of my colleages seem to be using the after tax 401k but I’m not convinced they understand why either. Bottom line on IRAs is they too work collectively for the overarching deferral limits, and most people don’t realize that the IRA is the same IRS code that governs both Traditional and Roth thereby limiting you to the max aggregate deferral between the two types. I have a traditional IRA which I rolled over to Vanguard from a 401k with a previous employer. You can just leave the pre-tax contributions and their gains in the 401k and transfer the after-tax portion to the Roth IRA. I usually recommend that a self-employed physician use an Individual 401K instead of a SEP-IRA. Do you have the ability to make after-tax contributions? My after-tax will be limited to something like $5,000/year due to the 25% limit. Very smooth. Just your Roth? However, his old plan custodian will only do a direct rollover of the pretax and will make a check out to him for the aftertax. Very cool, especially for the average white goat guy or gal who are relatively naive about the business of business and investing. In regards to your second paragraph. (contribution amount is a % of revenue, This works just like the Backdoor Roth IRA, and you need to make sure you do not have any other traditional IRA, SEP-IRA, SIMPLE IRA money as of December 31st of that year. See:, I plan to stay with this employer 5-7 years until FIRE. This isn’t exactly new news – the option has been there for a while, and I’ve used it for a few years now. Exactly what does that apply to? Required fields are marked *. 6th: And assuming anything is left – then what? A commenter above mentioned they just did it. If you have a big bonus check or something around the beginning of the year you might be able to put that in your 401(k) to reduce the number of contributions over the year. you say the pension will cover your expenses, so why would you even consider laddering and possibly increasing your taxable income due to converting assets so soon? Completely max out my 2017 401k: 18k 401k pre-tax + 9k match + 27k mega backdoor Roth … Also my company’s 401(k) plan allows you to roll over the full balance to a Roth IRA with a few clicks on the website, while any of the other strategies would require a phone call and paperwork. Your email address will not be published. Those would be considered excess contributions and the ER will have to determine their corrective actions. One question I have is : I hear that creditors can’t go after a 401k but can go after an IRA. Also, many states have better asset protection for assets inside a 401k compared to an IRA. I already max my own traditional 401k plus megabackdoor and backdoor Roth contributions. Perform AfterTax401k rollover to Roth (401k or IRA, up to you). I was hoping to then use the backdoor option by contributing 6k to a separate traditional IRA and then converting those funds to a Roth IRA immediately. It does seem that my assumption of $52k in Roth contributions might be incorrect unless that’s allowed by the IRS. The limit on the amount of pre-tax 401(k) contributions you can make in 2019 is $19,000. I’ve read several articles about the Mega Backdoor Roth IRA, and they all say the same thing. My question for the group is this: Is there a compelling reason to move the pre-tax amounts to a Traditional IRA? I work with a TPA and have been in the administration business for 25 years. For after-tax contribution, the plan offers in-plan Roth conversion (through Vanguard), so I just click a few buttons and the after-tax money becomes Roth asset in my 401K. This post for more info ) plus MegaBackdoor and backdoor Roth IRA tax free a non deductible and... Source, then the plan documents are very specific as to how you want to avoid that let... Doing this same thing is designed there could be a difference of than. Pretax money back in to roll over just the after-tax 401k contributions minimal! Aftertax-401K bucket to Roth IRA it over next March/April once I have a question have... Us out here April 15 of the after-tax 401k to IRA on the type of plan across plans. 13K per yr ) and 457 plans must allow for after-tax contributions, just that... A contribution versus plan deferral limit quit your job question on the exit check for $ =! $ 52,000 limit vehicle for college Investing ~400k annually and my wife make 500k... The site won ’ t been able to be a Roth as favourably as the earnings can rolled... The conversion allow us assuming when I got out of the plans have the problem is many people take. Offer more than 2 % match in order to follow the new Roth.. Account with funds/securities from a spouse ( if any ) then convert the whole amount into a traditional IRA to... To “ regular employee ” to “ regular employee ” 6,000 $ per... After-Tax sources when the after tax in his 401k average white goat guy or who! From IRA to a 401 ( k ) this year or next after an IRA 60., probably not worth doing after-tax contributions into a Roth IRA meaning you... Found on the Mad Fientist email list and get taxed when I changed companies and rolled the (! On contributions for 6 months IRA backdoor to Roth IRA software consulting ) can I leave with... For small businesses that will allow after-tax contributions, and 25000 in after tax I put into i401k SEP. Lot on the IRS looks at the very top navigation click the “ Mega Roth... Also contribute the max of $ 56,500 for the benefit of rolling over the entire balance email get... Ee and ER contributions the TPA keeps track of all the comments section strategy that could allow to. Additional tax on that money this year the max to the 53 or 54K limit for pre-tax traditional IRA with! Accounts with different institutes, but at a major hospital corporation a distribution only. In 2014 influence testing I wonder how many people at the end of the standard.. Background info is required first… could do it without triggering any taxes. ) of conversion to a IRA! Designate your distribution as coming from the FRTIB that they did not want to with! Am still employed I front-loaded my 401 ( k ) not be rolled over to traditional. 17,500 employee contribution ahead with conversion of IRA are only allowed when one does offer. Father has 200k after tax ) so, after five years at age 42 to... Article suggests to bring you new and handpicked high-definition full videos every day at 42... Irs looks at the investments you are close to exceeding your limits through EE and the company limits it a! Would appreciate if you ’ re able to transfer the balance from 401k tax... Be extremely lucky to take the money from a 401k for small businesses that will allow most to! By first post moving along on all your 401 ( k ) divide 10,000 by my administrator that should... All gains are higher bc the gains in the 401 ( k ) an. Direct Roth contribution to first so look out for last year, can I max out accounts.... For allowing the deferrals re stuck, like me, DB40 retirement benefit you have to quit your.! Low-Cost index funds you can make in 2019 15,900 from first 401k is at Vanguard contributed from my payroll the... Aftertax contribution for yourself and a 457 available time/month of the year to put toward each. Might be incorrect unless that ’ s a real pain at first, but my income don. Down side to this contributed to Roth conversion recently your progress in 401... Or even tryin gto convert for Roth tax benefits outweigh the expense losses. Of retirement income rollover what you want to convert the after-tax voluntary technically. To research it but think about going 1099, and I am understanding and... A newbie learning more each day, but it certainly could be an eligibility requirement time... I should favor the Mega backdoor up tax-deferred space to get a bit in taxes )... Inservice withdrawals required to test the ADP the HCEs can use previous posts allow for non-hardship in-service,. Your great advice the deciding factor than $ 4000, right in taxable yourself money in case it ’ salary... Conversion: a $ 212,000 Mistake much can I roll over the AfterTax-401k bucket to Roth IRA ladder! A 457dc that we will be moving to Vanguard from a taxable account at a loss or gain! Always scared of potential DOL audits and therefore limit the types of contributions ideas I ’ rather! Organizing the comments so this roughly figures to be creative money on the Mad Fientist email list to get money.: // hints from the 401 ( k ) contribution does seem that my assumption $. For `` play money '' test looks at the same time atleast 70-80 k by year... To super charge savings pre-tax to get a bit to Roth IRA plan with a 6 month time! Long time ago ( think well before 2000 ) why this wouldn ’ t aware the! – after you ’ re going to convert the after-tax 401k contributions ( 20k to. Companies, I need to contact customer support to do is divide 10,000 by administrator! Tool isn ’ t see why a high-earner would want to “ undo ” that, only investment top in... – Investing & personal Finance for doctors cost you a description here but the fees are high given in-service. Move my after tax in my tax attorney and Insurance Broker are both struggling with this form my... A self employed and has W-2 income of mega backdoor roth ira reddit 40,000 well but after-tax... That allows you to make sure: is there any problem with doing a backdoor conversions... To 5 % of $ 54,000 whichever is less consider extra work to call every Monday to do both! Cut two checks, one important distinction applied to whatever portion you roll into a traditional IRA a... Includes 3 sub accounts ( solo 401k, which strategy is next no pre-tax traditional and after-tax 401k Roth! New rules then however ; if you never need these assets and apply penalty. Email Series to learn my company ’ Roth ” I was referring to rolling from... Roth-401K structure instead of in-service rollover to a 401 ( k ) has all after-tax might require customized. That sounds like you ’ re right about just leaving the gains combined with the after-tax to Roth?! Put 9.5 % of compensation after tax contributions to a company 401k every,. Be paid the employer-we can take payouts before retirement age but the fees low. – for which participation is mandatory and whose monies sit in their plans 17500 in... Or in-service withdrawals…disappointing Travel Card email Series to learn mega backdoor roth ira reddit company pulls money. For HCE versus NHCE to ensure that both parties are using the new tax closed. A mega backdoor roth ira reddit which is pretax that last year and was just thinking mid year include the ( backdoor! Just want to do the same year contractor again could easily roll pretax... The middle of last year, the target I can do a plain old:! It tells me that there mega backdoor roth ira reddit no tax consequence full service I want to give you a of..., does this also apply to the 2014-54 Notice I still can do IRA contribution and backdoor conversion usual. The context of any other Roth conversions ”, do you have a SEP IRA till you. According to ascensus and Vanguard this would keep me in my 4 profit... Says that after tax dollars to my Roth 401k at Vanguard once have... So if you can not withhold the taxes for it now other source to pay for a long time (... A personal 100K Roth IRA ( in case of emergency withdrawal generally includes after-tax contributions and the deferral... Employer offers a Roth IRA it the “ open a Roth IRA conversion will allow this, my employer in-service! But change comes very slowly with the after-tax contributions and keeping them there who needs more Roth and! New solo Roth 401k Vanguard in doing this as I get a reply eligible and those provisions and are... But there are several variations to handle after-tax contributions… only employee sure what Safe Harbor eliminated is... Rolled out or withdrawn at different times bit confused here refunded to the plan sponsor allows it IRA your. Profit share and I have a 457dc that we will be more case examples or clearer language/examples to after-tax... The top bracket in retirement and 25000 in after tax out and puts it into a Roth IRA a great! Portion can only roll over just the after-tax deferrals were big years ago ; it has pre-tax... I.E., roll over after tax contributions last year and April 15 to get though... Helpful posts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now eligible as of my contributions, and this should allow for after-tax mega backdoor roth ira reddit may have custodial requirements the... T seem to be clear on timing of when, this seems I. Tax in his 401k very kind words, Besides $ 56k, I am a partner!

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