Even though it is more and more common to rather send out the running backs to  a pass route, rather than blocking for the quarterback, it is still just as often that the running back has to block a blitzing linebacker or sometimes even a defensive end. Apr 3, 2016 - Explore Christopher Leon's board "Running Back Drills" on Pinterest. So here you find special ball handling running back drills. It’s our goal at Gridiron Elite Training to help you get faster, more explosive, and feel confident going into the season. The running back will bounce along the line of scrimmage and hit the open hole just after where the coach stopped. Pass Block. A very popular drill among running back coaches everywhere, the gauntlet drill is an effective drill that simulates backs running through an open hole and avoiding arm tackles. It all starts with taking the handoff in such a way that the ball can be quickly and safely tucked away with as little distraction from running and looking at the defense. Because they're a liability in pass protection. Having a good and firm grip of the ball when running and extra securing the ball when being tackled. By Chris Booth | Posted 10/14/2015. Running back drills at home . Align running back in a two point stance in a split back position ; Linebackers will align in a outside rush position. A good back is expected to pick up blitzes coming from all over the field. STACK Expert Chris Tamez provides four running back drills to help you hit the right hole and maximize your yards gained. Two teammates holding agility bags stand across from you, one lined up on your right shoulder, the other on your left shoulder. Instead, pivot your feet and rotate your torso. Running Back Drills for Youth. An RB who can help with pass protection, avoid turnovers and reliably catch the ball is much more valuable than one whose only skill is taking handoffs. Alternate quickly punching the two bags until the end of the drill. Simpliv LLC, a platform for learning and teaching online courses. It made me feel silly to prance around like this – until I realized how beneficial running drills can be. Virginia Tech Rise and Blow. The Best Strength and Power Superset for Athletes, Why Nutrition Isn't About Making the 'Perfect' Choice, Quick Cues to Clean Up Your Kettlebell Swing, A Peloton Bike Probably Won't Get You Your Dream Body. Catch the ball and immediately tuck it away. Here are 8 speed and agility drills that can be done at home. Nowadays a runningback is not thought of as a mere outlet receiver anymore, somebody you dump the ball to when nobody else gets open and the quarterback runs out of time. The first linebacker will rush the QB on the whistle command, on the second whistle the running back will get I position for the second rusher. That’s a common mistake I see many runners make—especially recreational runners. Topics: Early Specialization vs. One partner with a hand shield stands right in front of the bags; another stands about 6 yards behind them. A running back is not only asked to runs as far as possible until he’s tackled but also to make as many more yards while being tackled – but of course also while protecting the football. Drills: Receiving •Mechanics of the catch – hands •Form Catch & Tuck •Turn, Form Catch & Tuck •Running Catch •Routes – concentrate on routes that the RB will need to know for the playbook, then move towards ones that you may install later Start slow, then speed up once you’ve mastered the mechanics. A quarterback stands off to the side, ready to throw the ball to you. Line up in an athletic stance—feet slightly wider than shoulder-width, quarter-squat, hands up, head back. Instant access to FREE resources that have helped millions of people jump higher, run faster, get stronger, eat smarter and play better. This is a very simple drill to teach, but it takes some time for players to master. As you enters the agility bags, your two partners hit you with their shields. Beginning with running good pass routes, then catching the ball and then running with it. Keep a wide base throughout the drill, use good punch technique and hit on the rise. These running back drills focus mainly on the running back’s footwork and with that his ability to run not only straight aheady but also being able to change dircetion without losing momentum. These are drills we will do regularly with our RBs. One of the most important skills that running backs can have is balance. This drill hones the focus required to snag receptions and trains the agility needed to break tackles and rack up yards after a catch. The linebacker should start in the middle of two five-yard line markers facing one of the sidelines. Coaches expect running backs to be fast, are able to catch, and block and protect your quarterback on pass downs. Cut off that partner to finish the drill. Today’s running back must be a multi-faced athlete. I wanted to give you a variety of running back drills to work on so you know the skills needed to make an all-around back … A quick and swift runningback that looks as if he could turn on a dime isn’t just from god given talent, but from hard work. Ball security is another coaching point here, as well as acceleration through the bags, some backs may slow down while going through the gauntlet. Hit the bag with a firm punch and stop his progress. #5. Each player will engage two separate defenders. Once you get past the two defenders, run toward the bags. Check out these 10 AWESOME RUNNING BACK DRILLS on TURF, SAND and WATER. Check out these four running back drills from the Miami Dolphins and USA Football. Running Back Ball Security Drills & Technique. The team-drills are sorted by offensive, defensive and special team drills. Here's Why, 3 Unconventional Rotational Power Exercises For Pitchers, 3 Exercises to Build Overhead Stability for Swimmers, Ball Machine Drills To Improve All Aspects Of Your Game, 8 Effective and Fun Youth Basketball Games, 5 Tips to Improve Your Mental Game on the Football Field, Why Every Football Lineman Should Also Throw Shot Put, Las Vegas Raiders Plan to Use Versatile Pick Lynn Bowden Jr. as a "Joker" in Jon Gruden's Offense. He must be able to carry the ball 20-30 times a game, pick up blitzing linebackers, plus, on occasion, block the bigger defensive linemen. Set up two agility bags in a gate about 2 yards apart. Run through the contact using proper footwork to get through the agility bags. Check out STACK's Running Back page for more workouts and drills. Thank you for watching SDMT GANG!!! Bags In and Out. Make a note of your time. Aren’t neon short shorts embarrassing enough?! Fight through the contact and run through the agility bags; keep your eyes on partner #2, who will move to the right or the left, simulating a downfield block. PROVEN RESULTS Through actionable training and the personal guidance of our staff, our running backs are … One of the best running back drills that requires no equipment at all is the line response drill. We basically focus on online learning which helps to learn business concepts, software technology to develop personal and professional goals through video library by recognized industry experts and trainers. Burst toward partner #3, who will jump to the left or right, giving you a lane the opposite way. The five points of contact drill ensures that … Ohio State Pro Day. Two defenders holding bags set up on the other side of the gate, one about a yard back from the gate, the other a yard to the right of the gate. A back who can reliably catch the ball adds an important dimension to his game. For one practice you might focus more on the running aspect of … FOOTBALL Nike Change of Direction. These two drills work on running back pass protection technique. Each drill is complete in itself so you can take any combination of drills to put together your individual practice plan. Some of these require the running back to make good use of his agile running abilities which he aquired in the running back specific agility drills. These drills for running form are best performed on a soft surface, such as a rubberized track, the infield of a track, a flat dirt trail or grassy field. Set up three agility bags about a yard apart. Here you have to work on good “communication” betweet the quarterback and the running back on when the quarterback decides to “give” or to “pull”, because if there’s a misunderstanding it most likely will result in a fumble. Employ great ball security technique—keep the ball high and tight and use five points of pressure. Do each drill for 10 to 20 meters, and go through the sequence at least once. Deliver a punch to the outside blitzer and shuffle with him as he tries to work outside. When the drill starts, the player will first take a freeze step before running at … Ball handling is crucial for a running back. But being agily is the one thing, knowning instinctively when and how to apply these is the next step.

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